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Songs With Deep Meaning

There are a lot of songs out there with deep meaning. I’ll discuss a few here. “February Fools’ Day” is a great example. The song reflects on the February 11th plane crash, as well as the death of rock and roll. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Elvis all penned songs that refer to this tragic event. Here’s another example. The song is about the loss of one’s youth, and how it can be difficult to make up for those days.

“I Wanna Be With You” by Airplane is a great example of a song with a deep meaning. The song was originally written for a band before the group became famous. The lyrics mocked the use of Alice in Wonderland and psychedelic thinking, but despite its references to cults, it is ultimately about the loss of a best friend. The song is about the loss of a beloved friend, but also shows the importance of friendship in life.

“One Tin Soldier” is another example of a song with a deep meaning. This song is about Native Americans, who were nearly wiped out by non-natural Americans who didn’t understand the difference between material wealth and spiritual wealth. In contrast, “Another Day” is a song about a man who wished he could have a mate, but was left behind in the process. During the war, one of his friends was a “friend” who stood up for him and was his “one-tin-soldier”.

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